by Drug Control

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Recorded & Mixed by Alex Jacobelli at Sunsick Studios
Mastered by Mark Bronzino at Volume IV
Artwork by Nicky Rat


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Drug Control San Diego, California

San Diego Straight Edge


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Track Name: Intro / DC Crew
Drinking your beer
Smoking your weed
That's the shit that we don't need
Drug Control Crew with a straight on view
Drug Control Crew we're coming for you

We're coming for you
Track Name: Feeling Trapped
I'm feeling trapped in this place
I'm feeling trapped, I've gotta escape
The feeling that there's just no hope
The feeling that you just can't cope

I'm feeling trapped

What are you gonna do when there is no hope?
When you feel like reaching for the rope?
Keep pushing, and pushing, strive for more
Know there's so much to live for. Strive for more.
Track Name: Persist
You push and persist
But I'll forever resist
I won't be like you
I'll always stay true

Always. Stay. True.

You spend your nights trying to solve your problems
Nothing you do will ever resolve them
You're searching for answers in the bottom of your drinks
But at the end of the night it's just your head in the sink.
Track Name: Stabbed
Stab your friends in the back
The unity is what you lack
Nobody. Wants you around
When the time comes, we'll stand our ground

Keep talking shit, you never learn
Keep talking shit, you're gonna learn

Sometime soon, you'll be kicked to the curb
We're gonna make sure you get what you deserve
Track Name: Think Straight
Heard it once, you've heard it a hundred times
You could see the light but you chose to be blind
You keep using and using, you're bringing yourself down
Pretty soon, you won't be welcomed around


Wise up, and start thinking straight
Chang your life
And make things great
It's time to live your life without strife
It's time to make things right

I've heard it before
I won't hear it again

No more fucking excuses
It's time to think straight
Track Name: Protect
Protect and serve
Protect and serve
You protect and serve
Then kick them to the curb
Shoot them in the back
Saying they're on crack
You say it's not about race?

Well you're a fucking disgrace

You're not welcome here
You better not come near
You say it's not about race?

Well you're a fucking disgrace