Demo 2014

by Drug Control

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Derek - Guitar
Danny - Vocals
Martin - Bass
Daniel - Drums
Matt - Guitar


released April 13, 2014

Recorded March 29th and 30th by Ken at Jah's Kingdom Studios.



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Drug Control San Diego, California

San Diego Straight Edge


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Track Name: Intro / Drug Control Crew
Drinking your beer
Smoking your weed
That's the shit
That we don't need.
Drug control crew
With a straight on view
Drug control crew
We're coming for you
Track Name: Enough Is Enough
Enough is enough
You're not welcome here anymore
Enough is enough
Take your macho attitude
And get the fuck out of here
Just because you're bigger
Doesn't mean you're better.
You prey on the small
And prey on the weak,
Crushing them under your feet.
Enough is enough
Get out.
Track Name: Sucking You In
Fuck your addictions and your negative habits
Your booze and your drugs - I just don't have it
Your vices are growing stronger and sucking you in
Cut that shit out or for sure you won't win
Sniffing that shitty white powder up your nose
Reasons like this are why I'll let you go
You're bringing yourself down and turning to shit
And pretty soon that's gunna be it
Fucking yourself up day after day
While telling yourself it's the only way
You drink
You smoke
You're fucking your life up
What a joke
Track Name: Fried
Problems will arise
When you drink and drive
Your mind is fried
You're ready to die
You're done
You're dead
There's no coming back
Track Name: About To Snap
Working away day by day
The work you put in is not worth the pay
Boss is on your back and isn't cutting you any slack
Closer and closer to making your snap
Gotta get out,
Gotta break free
Gotta think about what's best for me
Live for yourself and no one else,
Because they won't be there when you need the help
Day by fucking day
I'm slowly going insane
Day by fucking day
Slowly being drove insane
Day by fucking day
I'm slowly going insane
Day by fucking day
I'm about to snap